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Thread: IDPA PCC - First Hand Info

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    IDPA PCC - First Hand Info

    I can read the rules here

    and I'm sure I can find youtubes and whatnot, but I'm curious to hear from those on this forum that have shot PCC in IDPA.

    any tips, tricks, advice, feedback, etc.

    for context, I've only shot PCC in Steel Challenge and Action Steel, and haven't shot a regular IDPA match in at least 7 years. Maybe 10. Prior to that I was shooting matches, both USPSa and IDPA, for a decade or so, so I have a grasp of the general concepts and terminology, just nothing PCC specific in IDPA and I'm aware that many of the rules have changed in the interim.
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    Can't really help. Of the four IPDA matches a month I shot locally this year, none of them allow PCC. Thank goodness. The one major I shot they were present but none on my squad.

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