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Thread: Some fine jewelry arrived today

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    Some fine jewelry arrived today

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtcarm View Post
    You forgot to post the rest of the pics!

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    Bowen is a class act in all respects. Great products tastefully packaged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtcarm View Post
    He must have done a new batch - my new Rough Country rear for the 620 just arrived the other day, too.

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    Very nice. Wish he's reconsider making a rear sight for the new Python/Anaconda.

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    I have a set with the white outline blade on a 1990s full lugged M14 that I use for PPC. Very rugged and great sight picture.

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    He's said he's at least thinking about an SP101 version. Sure hope he gets a Round Tuit someday.
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