2 Day Gunfighter Carbine April 23-24, 2022 Boise, ID

Register at https://www.combatabsolute.com/book-online

Cost: $250

Course Description:
Positional shooting, emergency and tactical reloads, transitions to pistol (as a secondary weapon system), shooting on the move, off axis shooting, barricades and multiple target engagements will all be covered. In addition, strong and support side (right and left shoulder) carbine work will be covered during the course to focus on creating a truly ambidextrous rifleman.

A significant amount of barricade work will be completed, as this is critically important with regard to surviving two-way engagements. Scored rifle marksmanship drills will be completed throughout the course to provide diagnostic feedback to the student.

Both days of instruction will take place on a 100 yard rifle bay. As steel will be shot throughout the course, NO GREEN TIP ammo can be used.

***Students must have a satisfactory/intermediate level of safe weapon handling skills. This is not a beginner level course.***

- Eye and ear protection (electronic recommended)
- Pistol chambered in 9mm or larger
- 125 rounds pistol ammunition
- Pistol holster (no cross draw or shoulder rigs) and holster must allow for single handed re-holstering
- Gun belt and pistol magazine pouch
- 3 pistol magazines
- Carbine WITH sling (single or two point preferred)
- 3 carbine magazines minimum
- Carbine magazine pouch
- 650 rounds carbine ammunition (NO penetrator/green tip)
- Personal food and hydration needs for the day
- State/government issued identification
- Weather appropriate gear (we shoot rain or shine)
- Sunscreen/hat

-Knee and elbow pads
-Note pad and pen

***Round count approximately 650 for rifle (NO green tip) and 125 for pistol***