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Thread: The New Reality - Ken Hackathorn

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssb View Post
    I don’t know about national. As somebody who reviews a lot of paperwork, I call bullshit on no crime spikes locally.
    Wait, who said there were no crime spikes locally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jh9 View Post
    Wait, who said there were no crime spikes locally?
    Nobody specifically.

    Nevertheless, I am bemused by the coverage of national stats being down or normal or there being no COVID/protest bump, when everywhere I read about or am familiar with seems to be experiencing the opposite. Seems to me that there are a whole lot of local crime increases which aren’t being reflected in the national data. It does make me question the data collection, but I am neither an expert nor a statistician. Again, that’s not directed at you.

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    Never believe crime stats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    Never believe crime stats.
    Sounds good: I don’t see why they’d be any more accurate than any other stats/news we get served up these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    Crime rates. Murders up sharply for some years now. Violent crime short of murder not that much.

    (FBI slides courtesy of )

    Attachment 80850

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    And not much in the way of spikes in property crimes apparently.

    Historically quite low from bad old days peaks. But I would have assumed all of the categories were climbing.
    I call BS, as I believe the numbers are being manipulated to show less property crimes, especially here in California. The narrative has to stay in tune for incarceration reform.
    We got suckered into passing Prop. 47 and 57 a few years ago which has significantly increased property thefts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    Never believe crime stats.
    Just to add for those not familiar - reporting agencies can skew statistics to achieve certain objectives by the way they classify reports. For examples burglaries and robberies can be classified as thefts which is a property crime rather than a person crime.

    Plus, many crimes are nor reported. It is widely accepted that crimes such as rape and petty larcenies are reported at much lower rates than they actually occur.
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    Figures don't lie. Liars figure.

    The criminal element is brazenly thumbing it's nose at police officers. Those who do this serve as role models for the younger hoods. In my area getting put in jail is difficult since covid.

    I go out of my way to speak to cops and say thank you. I can get along with kids very well but less so with adults and would have a difficult time listening to a ration of shit from citizens. I could be a fireman if somebody else would climb the ladder.

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