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Thread: Leg Locks don't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45dotACP View Post
    Yeeesh...there's a pretty big reason I don't compete a lot.

    It's always ADCC to someone, and you never know if you just drew the 35 year old purple belt who is on TRT and will happily explode your shoulder for a 5 dollar medal.

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    Damn, are purple belts in their mid-30s really getting on TRT?

    It didn't even occur to me to do that. May have to talk to my doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perlslacker View Post
    Damn, are purple belts in their mid-30s really getting on TRT?

    It didn't even occur to me to do that. May have to talk to my doctor.
    Well not replacement...but yeah.

    I think it was the IBJJF pans that recently took place that had steroid testing implemented and more than a few division champs weren't at the podium for photos because they heard they had to take a piss test.

    The sport is legitimately filthy at most competitive levels, and that filters down from the top, even to the local stuff.

    But even without the gear, some dudes will just wreck your shit for free in competition. I think there was recently a 16 year old kid who was given the moniker "the adult slayer" because he'd compete in adult divisions and would lock in a heel hook and immediately apply breaking pressure.

    This is not to dissuade you from competing. I still do and still think it's a great, but do so with the knowledge that you shouldn't expect your opponent to wait for you to tap once he gets grips.

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    I continued to apply breaking pressure on his leg about 8 minutes straight, but my opponent unfortunately would not tap," Musumeci wrote. "This resulted in us seeing how damaging these leg locks can be. Always important to tap so you avoid surgery and a year recovery. FYI this was the most disgusting feeling ever. I literally felt every part of his knee rip like cardboard

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    Yea I watched that fight live on broadcast. And that Mongolian dude should have tapped. He ruined his knee and probably the rest of his fighting career, by being stubborn.


    To add to the general idea of the thread in considering things that 'do and don't work' in a broad sense.

    One reason to work arm and leg submissions (and wrist and ankle locks, like the cheap bastard you are! ) is to remember we want to control any and all parts our opponents give us.

    Or put simply: Position before submission.

    While we all have our favored ways of solving problems, we have to remember that grappling is a positional game. He with the dominant position...and some luck...wins the day. In the gym, we may work our way to our favorite positions slowly, methodically even. But on the street, we want to work our way to the best position we can, in the shortest possible time, and execute whatever finish we can as soon as we can.

    If your control position has you leg or ankle locking someone - oh well and crank that bitch down and break it. Not a lot of people can run on a broken ankle.

    That all said, my observance has been anyone who is comfortable getting to and working from the mount often wins. Because a high mount let's you control your opponent well and then use your tools as you want.

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