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Thread: 10mm defensive loads

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    @Navin Johnson, I’m guessing you’re referring to my thread about mods to my G20 to reliably shoot full power wide meplat loads? While it required a few cheap aftermarket parts, it’s not a major change to the gun. I’m happy with the results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    The way to reliably shoot wide meplat 10mm loads is in a Smith revolver, but then you might as well shoot .44 magnums for field use.
    My 10mm SR1911 feeds 200gr WFN (.300” meplat) just fine. Those same rounds moonclipped for my GP-100 are like herding cats to get in the chambers. But they shoot accurately and do penetrate like a .44.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick R View Post
    After the “failure” of a 9mm Silvertip in the Miami shootout the FBI huddled up, held meetings and eventually adopted the S&W 10xx with a SIGish decocker and 4 1/2” (?) barrel with full bore 180gr @ 1,250fps loads. The guns proved to be problematic and recoil was more than non-gun oriented agents were comfortable with. As a partial fix they spec’d and adopted the “FBI load” which was a 180gr jhp @ 950fps and proclaimed it to be “just as good”. It was easier to shoot, I attended a week long class at FLETC and smoked their qual course every day with my issue 5” 1006 using their ammo.

    The engineers at S&W did their engineering headspace stuff and said “if all you want is a .40” 180gr bullet at 950fps we can shorten the cartridge and put it in a 9mm size gun”. That gave the FBI a route away from the boat anchor 10xx series guns that occasionally had to be returned to the mothership loaded because the decocker dingus decided to lock the slide shut tighter than Ft Knox. The .40S&W was born and became king of the hill, until…

    The FBI still had those pesky attorney/accountant/non-gun centric agents who had trouble qualifying with their .40S&W guns so a few years ago they pronounced bullet science to have progressed to a point that the 9mm was now a death ray and quite sufficient for LE use. Everyone jumped on that bandwagon to the point 9mm ammo has become scarce.

    I’m sure at some point the .32acp or 5.7mm with new powders and bullets will become the “in thing”.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    The way to reliably shoot wide meplat 10mm loads is in a Smith revolver, but then you might as well shoot .44 magnums for field use.
    .41 mag?
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    Yes, the FBI speced a downloaded version of 10mm for their deployment. But I just checked the Federal and Winchester current lines. Both have 180 grain hollowpoint loads with MVs > 1200 f/s. Federal has 200 grain loads with MVs >1100 f/s. These do not seem wimpy. I'd be perfectly happy using these for defensive purposes.

    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    I'm pretty sure the original loads were the ones that SAAMI used for pressure limits. IIRC, they were 180s at about 1250 fps. When the FBI adopted the 10mm, their loading was a 180 at 950-1000 fps; when the .40 S&W came about that was the spec they aimed for. I have no idea what the current factory offerings run in terms of velocity.

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