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Thread: Springfield “Garrison” 1911

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    But there has been a lot of work done to get 1911 types to work with 9mm, driven by the wide availability and low cost of ammo being shot by everybody else's guns.

    I have had a couple of .38s but got tired of crawling around looking for my brass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie B View Post
    And as to all of the stuff I've read on here over the years about how 9mm 1911s can be problem children because the case is too short (amplified for the .40s) and that if one wants to run a sub-.45 1911, it's best to get a .38 Super? That's not got some truth to it?
    There is some truth to it. 1911s in 9mm are more finicky in general than those in 45. But recently some manufacturers have been building 9mm guns that run without drama. But I still don't trust them as much as a Government Model 45. Even though I've owned 9mm 1911s that were trouble free I always felt like I was one round away from a malfunction. I prefer either a 4" or Commander length gun with a bull barrel or a Government model with a bushing for 9mm.

    The 38 Super is a longer cartridge and my 38S guns run great. I stocked up on ammo during the early months of the 9mm and 45 shortage because 38S was available and it took a while before the prices started going up significantly. But there is nothing magic about the 38 Super cartridge -- it is no more accurate than 9mm or 45ACP, in fact maybe less so on average. It's like a 9mm +P than works well in the 1911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie B View Post
    it's best to get a .38 Super? That's not got some truth to it?
    Seems to me as the 1911 world turns things evolve, and they have evolved to the point that 9mm works in the 1911. The 38S is probably/surely more optimal, but you can expect a 9mm 1911 to work. I think they all come with ramped barrels now (Colt?...) and not so many magazine variables.

    My personal experience is with two lowly Rugers, a 5" with a cone barrel and a LWC (a proper 4.25") with a bushing (I think Ruger got that backwards, but oh well) and with Wilson ETMs they gobbled up everything, including some reloads I goofed up that should have choked them. I only remember one bulk pack Winchester round failed to extract, funny I was shooting it as a baseline to make sure it was reliable with factory ammo, I almost never shoot factory ammo.

    My summary opinion, it is not as good but it works great.

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