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Thread: Vetting a shotgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lon View Post

    I told the Commander to get Novas or Supernovas. He went w cheapest option.
    One of my bosses - actually one of my boss' bosses - told me to never, EVER go with the cheapest option, and I took his advice to heart. Every time I have strayed, I have taken one in the 'nads (though with varying degrees of kinetic energy).

    The "basic LE/MIL" Supernova - the one with the trad stock and open sights - seems to me to be a better answer than any equivalent Mossberg, but Supernovas are not real common around here except in sporting guise... a "tactical" one is like the proverbial set of teeth in a chicken's beak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabasco View Post
    I bought a 590A1 back in 2000 that had this issue. Sent it to Mossberg and they returned it fixed, it runs great. Any idea what the issue is and what they did to fix it? Replace bolt? Just curious.
    We had four or five Mossberg 500 Maritimes (stainless) that did the FTF light, off-center primer strike consistently with some student shooters. The students who actually used the 'push-pull' techniques they were taught had no problems. When watching folks not using proper technique and pulling back on the forearm, you could actually see the bolt nose down as they pulled backwards on the forearm.

    We sent them to the factory once, then pretty much just left them in the safe as we got several 590's and 590A1's. Not problems at all with the 590 series.

    Several of us on the range staff were Mossberg Armorers, the mag tubes were seated correctly (terrible design IMO), the shotguns all headspaced okay, female lugs in the receivers weren't banged up, etc.

    I never had a problem with them, but then I'd been teaching and shooting 'push-pull' since the early 80's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason M View Post
    I always chose 870s after department M500s demonstrated short service lives.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lon View Post
    All 5 of the Mossy 500s our local academy just bought went back to the factory as soon as we were done at the range. Some of the biggest POSs Iíve seen.
    Are the 500s really that bad? Asking for a friend. Haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewbacca10 View Post
    Are the 500s really that bad? Asking for a friend. Haha.
    Depends. Is it a new one or an old one? Was it made on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon? If it was made on a Wednesday you may be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewbacca10 View Post
    Are the 500s really that bad? Asking for a friend. Haha.
    My personal experience is that they arenít, but that seems contrary to some other peopleís experience. 🤷🏻*♂️🤷🏻*♂️

    Tom Givens didnít speak very highly of the Mossberg 500/590 at this yearís Shotgun IDC either.

    There are known issues, like bead sighted 500/590ís shooting high. They mount the bead directly to the barrel, so they shoot high if you use the bead at any reasonable distance. It is easy enough to fix though.

    The most recent Mossberg I have experience with was a Mav 88 purchased in the last 12 months. It was pretty clunky until it broke in, but eventually smoothed up. No function issues.

    My 590a1 has been rock solid, and it has seen a fair bit of use. The two 500ís I owned previously were also very reliable guns, but didnít get the volume my 590 has.

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    Yeah, I have not had issues with my 500, but that's a sample size of n=1. The one issue I have heard involves the plastic stock safety breaking, but I replaced that with a metal one. Maybe I should buy that M4 that I've been considering for like a half decade...

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