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Thread: I feel bad for my mail lady some days

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    I feel bad for my mail lady some days

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    These will go in the kid's ammo cans to be used at a later date.

    2700 dewc. Going to load some at 3.5 and 4.0 231 to see what works best for accuracy, velocity, and to see if the higher charge burns significantly cleaner like everything else.

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    I usually get a phone call around 6AM, "Your god**** bullets are here if you want 'em!"

    I love my post office

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    My mail lady knows to back up the driveway, and kick it out the back of the truck.

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    I had a mailman a few years ago who bitched and moaned about people taking advantage of the flat rate boxes. He was pissed when he had to deliver 10,000 200 grain bullets.

    Then with my last order the mailman was a reloader and we have a great conversation. He knew exactly what he was delivering. He even commented on how the flat rate box great for getting bullets out to customers.

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    I apologized to my UPS driver once, he told me he bought from SGammo too.
    'Nobody ever called the fire department because they did something intelligent'

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    One day last week the FedEx guy brought 4K of 9mm and my steel target order. I think he made three trips from the truck. My wife apologized to him and he said “for what?”

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    My delivery guy was an avid shooter and dropped off an order of 1000 hst and we had a twenty minute conversation on different defensive ammo for pistol/ rifle and then he said casually, "my boss is going to be so fucking pissed I sat here for twenty minutes." Lol

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    To quote Vyvyan from The Young Ones, "PISS OFF POSTIE!!"

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    When I used to get bullet case deliveries in my old home, they’d leave the box in front of the garage door, directly in line with the tires.

    Fortunately I’ve never ran them over.

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    My mail lady would probably deliver it to the wrong address like she normally does.

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