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Thread: SilencerCo Buy one get one free??

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    SilencerCo Buy one get one free??

    Anyone know anything about this? Am new to buying these, this sounds too good to be true - whats the catch?

    Free Octane
    Spend $799 before tax, get an Octane 9 or 45

    Free Warlock 22
    Spend $599 before tax, get a Warlock 22


    Product must be purchased through a retailer and a receipt or proof of purchase date stamped between November 15th and December 5th is required. A copy of your date stamped receipt and a copy of your Form 4 is required at registration.

    No purchase quantity limit, however, you may only submit 5 serialized items per registration. Purchases must be registered by December 31st, 2021 to qualify. SilencerCo is not responsible for late submissions. Products cannot be returned or exchanged for other products of similar value or for monetary exchange. Offer good in states that permit silencer ownership.

    Offer limited to product in stock during time of promotion. Failure to submit the correct information and documents can result in a delay in processing the promo registration.

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    Think its legit. If I'm not mistaken they have run this deal in the past.
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    I am looking to jump on a 36M and grab the free Octane.
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    I got a free 9mm can last time they ran the deal with the purchase of a .30 cal can, just had to pay for the stamp... I got mine pretty quickly from silencerco as not too many opted for the 9mm freebie. The dudes that opted for the .45 cal cans ended up waiting for them to comw in to tbe shops for a hot minute. And due to that couldn't start paperwork on those cans until they arrived. That ended up being a little bit of a shit show for my buddies shop so this time around they are not advertising this deal, they pushed it big last time... They will transfer any cans that people buy through it though...
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    This is going to force me to consider a .30 cal. can. Any suggestions? It would likely be hosted on DD5V5 in 6.5

    I've been tempted by the Warlock previously, and can't think of a reason not to do this.
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    This might be the way I can get a pair of suppressors - one mostly for 5.56 and similar, and one for 9mm. I need to stop by my local store and see what they suggest, I’m clueless.

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    Anyone familiar with silencer co's products want to give recommendations? I had been debating picking up a rimfire can.

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    Last time they ran this I bought a Hybrid 46 and got a free Octane 45. The stamp for the 46 took 11 months to come back and the Octane came in the same day. The stamp for the Octane came back in 87 days, amazingly enough. I'm thinking about picking up a 36M and Octane 9 this time around. I use the Octane on my .22 HK 416 replica and it's stupid quiet with subsonic. I think it's impressively quiet with 9mm but very gassy.

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