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Thread: Deer Season 2021

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    Deer Season 2021

    Well, after putting in two days and three evenings in the tree stand bow hunting and getting skunked, Iím ready for the relative ease of rifle season beginning tomorrow morning in Missouri. The Tikka in 6.5 is sighted in and the deer camp breakfast is packed in the cooler and ready to go.

    Thought Iíd create a thread to share our stories. Good luck, everyone!

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    You definitely win some and you lose some. I had a pretty frustrating season last year, but managed to get my mojo back this year and put a few bloody arrows in the ground. Just gotta stick with it!

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    Not much to report.

    Went on my first trip to Kansas for crossbow hunt. Had several nice bruisers on camera, but they never showed up for me.

    Did get a couple of does at the landowner's request. My first archery/crossbow kills.

    No pictures.

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    #1 Daughter is out for her second ever centerfire hunt tomorrow AM. Since she's hosting Thanksgiving this year, I'm rooting for her!
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    This is my first season. Iíve spent a lot of nights seeing zero deer. Had six does come by tonight but they were out of bow range. Iím ready for muzzleloader season. Heading to Indiana for rifle season but going on public land that I donít have much scouting time in so Iím not too optimistic for that.

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    Just came back from a week long muzzle loader hunt.

    Unseasonably warm, with lots of wind in the afternoons. Looks like the rancher is WAAAAY over on his grazing lease. I have successfully hunted this unit, this canyon before. Never seen so many cows, with one dead one in the biggest tank in the canyon. The rancher said that his dad died during covid, and he does not really know how many head he has in the National Forest, but he is trying to get most of them back to the ranch.

    Didn't see cervid one until the last 24 hours. One doe approached the tank, checked out the dead cow just befinning to bloat, and left without drinking. The next morning four does waled up to the tank, stopping about sixty yards away and staring daggers at the five cows on the other side of the ttank. Then left without drinking. My tag was for a forked antlered deer.


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    Life was too hectic to get in the woods during bow season but my son had a fun youth hunt. Got to watch a 2 yearlings and a momma doe for over a half hour, as close as 3-4 yards away. Got to see a better than 150 class start to come in after them only to get scared off by a trespasser who was bowhunting.

    After helping me track someone else's deer for over 4 hours, sometimes on our hands and knees, we got to get back to his stand. He watched this buck come in and decided to take it. First time he had to take a less than broadside shot, we had to quietly confered and he made a great shot.

    Full penetration front to back with a federal bonded 300 blk out 150gr at 1900 fps. Several broken bones, 147.5 gr retained weight,(probably some blood on it still) expanded .5◊.625
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    Had a nice morning in a stand. My son who is old enough to hunt passed on going to fill his doe tag today, so I hunted by myself and thought of all the mornings I spent hunting with my Dad who passed on a few months ago. As a tip of the hat to him, I hunted my first centerfire rifle, that he picked out after careful consideration and had me earn half of the money to buy at age 11- a Remington 600 in .308.

    Decided to take this buck that was chasing a doe, after reminiscing for a while in the brisk air. After I shot him, she stayed around for the other two bucks that were also chasing her. None of the live deer seemed concerned by the shot, the nearby dead deer, or my impatient self wanting to get down out of the stand to start all the work that I needed to accomplish today.....
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    Congrats on a beautiful buck! And congrats to the rest of the successful hunters in this thread.

    I went this morning too to a nearby public land spot I've been hunting. Another hunter had already beat me there. First time I've bumped into a other hunter all season. The parcel was too small for the both of us I thought, especially without knowing exactly where he was or was going.

    So far I've been skunked this year and have only seen a couple deer during my sits with no shooting opportunities so far.

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    Foolishly passed on filing a doe tag down in SC a few weeks agoÖ didnít see a legal buck in a week of sitting in blinds on private land, but did shoot a hog from a blind. My friendís father that was hunting with us shot a nice 7 point buck on what might have been his last hunt, and my other buddy shot a doe and an hog. Shotgun season opens up here in CT soon, so I may go out on public land. Or I might not. Time will tell. Past few years Iíve been out on public land, itís been so crowded as to be pointless.

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