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Thread: Guess why I like XGO clothing

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    Guess why I like XGO clothing

    They’re not an affiliate, PF gets nothing out of posting this.

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    You got a free cap with a shirt purchase?

    (Or maybe its something more important)

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    They're bidet friendly?
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    They make your butt look smaller?

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    Each piece has a little emoji sewn in, so you can match your outfits?

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    They also send a bottle of your favorite brown drink with each order?
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    Your wife isn't going to steal them?

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    For the record, I make no apologies for immediately steering this thread off course.

    Also, I've been in need of some new base layers, and I might just have to give these guys a try.

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    Never heard of them. But at the price they're blowing out wool base layers, I just bought several. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Made in North Carolina, which is almost as good as US made.
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