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Thread: Oof...happiness then sadness...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldherkpilot View Post
    The trouble with rebluing the 28's is that the matte blue is virtually impossible to reproduce. I think I read somewhere that the process Smith used was very noxious and they had to stop using it.
    I bought a Colt DS from the LGS. The cylinder flutes, trigger guard, and backstrap were all matte blue, while, the rest was regular blue. I managed to get a $10 discount because we honestly didnít know if it was a Bubba Job. A retired Philadelphia PD officer works there, and he said it was Duo-Tone, and was correct. I donít know how they did it so well, but it looked nice.

    @Evil_Ed My focus was on the cylinder, so I didnít notice it was matte. 😉
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    The is a wonderful revolver with the patina of life upon it lest us know how it shoots.

    Sparks made me a lovely K frame holster for Thunder Ranch Revolver in 2004. I am sure Sparks or Kramer or El Paso Saddlery and others could fike you up with some "appropraite" gear for that treasure.
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    I had a 4in model 28, no-dash S prefix 4-screw that dated to ~1958 according to the SN. It was absolutely lovely and it was lights-out accurate with 158gr bullets fired at just about any velocity. I could shoot magnums out of it all day comfortably, and I loved hitting the 200yd gong with it at my local rifle range.

    Had. Past tense. Because after letting a close friend's teenage daughter shoot it, and seeing her absolutely fall in love with it and truly become one of us because of it... I truly thought it was meant to be hers, and that she should keep it. Under my friend's watchful eye until she's of age where it's truly 'hers' of course.

    Karma rewarded me with a very nice 29-2 4in square butt not long after. Karma is a thing, I tell you. But I still miss that model 28 a little.
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    I miss my S-prefix, lazy-Ampersand, 4" Model 28. Sold it years ago for reasons I no longer remember.

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    Beautiful weapon! The signs of age do not steal its beauty.

    Pachmayr rubber grips will trap moisture.
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