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Thread: Win 231 and 110gr XTPs in 357 Magnum

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    Win 231 and 110gr XTPs in 357 Magnum

    I’m trying to find a loading for my 3” 357s that doesn’t use 296/H110. I know all the warnings about the 110gr XTP in the 357 Mag but this is not a load that will be shot a lot. I AM NOT looking to rattle teeth etc. If I could get it to around 1200-1250 I think it would be a good load.

    Tonight I loaded some 2400 and 231

    According to the Lee manual there is a 1.0gr difference between start and max w/ 231 . I started below start like you should and hope to try them tomorrow over the Chrono etc.
    I also loaded some 2400 at the start load and increased in .5 increments.

    I am also trying to use a load that doesn’t require magnum primers.

    Just wondering if anyone had tried 231 in this or similar applications.

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    There is a lot of territory between .38 +P and .357 if all you want is a 110 at 1200.
    Might take a few loads to get that in a real revolver.
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    Hodgdon has data for 110 XTP and Win 231 powder.

    Listed pressures are quite high, and velocity range of the starting load, although with a 10-inch barrel, is much higher than you are contemplating. Would not be my first choice for that.

    You're barely above a Trail Boss load. There are a few powders listed with starting loads that will likely get you right where you want to be with quite low pressures. Or get some Special cases and look up +P loads.
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    I went to the range today and shot some reloads to check velocity.

    357 Magnum
    110gr XTP

    7.5grs of 231 15 shot average 1180 SD 41. This is .5gr below starting load
    Least amount of muzzle flash of anything tested, CLEAN

    15.0 grs of 2400 10 shot average 1106 SD 42
    16.0 grs of 2400 10 shot average 1167 SD 28
    16.5 grs of 2409 10 shot average 1159 SD 17
    Bright Muzzle flash - Dirty,

    8.5grs of Power Pistol 10 shot average 1133 SD 41
    9.0grs of Power Pistol 10 shot average 1224 SD 17
    9.5grs of Power Pistol 10 shot average 1252 SD 25
    Clean but muzzle flash rivals 296/H110

    Recoil was mild with all loads, no flat primers, very easy extraction

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    Sounds like you got it about perfect with that first load.

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