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    Walther PDP

    This is the full size/4 bbl variant. Includes OEM 48N tungsten guide rod/RSA, Ameriglo suppressor sights (orange tritium front), CHPWS Holosun 509T plate, OEM Deltapoint Pro plate, 7x factory mags (blue follower), a Holosun 509T, 2x Taylor Freelance +3 brass extensions, a Tenicor Certum AIWB and a TRex Arms OWB for the PDP/X300 (both RH).

    The pistol is in cosmetically good shape. Its seen about 800 rounds of mixed ball and JHP with no reliability issues.

    For the package as described above, $850 shipped. For just the pistol and two mags (includes tungsten RSA and sights), $550 shipped.

    SPF 10/14

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