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Thread: Refresher on coaching a new shooter

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    I had a extremely interesting experience with a new shooter yesterday. I went to the range with my buddy to verify zero on his elk rifle, and while there shot some pistol. Being a male, my buddy knew all about shooting a handgun, but was hitting 10 inches low at seven yards. His GF was along, and I worked with her. She wasnít sure whether she wanted to shoot left or right, although she was right eye dominate. She said she wanted to try left. Holding the Glock 45 with an Acro, she didnít understand a two hand grip, but I didnít worry to much.

    I asked her to aim at a 3x5 at 7 yards, and I had her do three dry fire presses. Then I loaded the pistol, told her not to worry about recoil, or anything but staring at the 3x5, and let the pistol fire. First shot went center of the 3x5. Next shot was touching. Third shot was an inch away. Then I asked her to shoot a one inch square at 7 yards, by disregarding the wiggle, and looking at the square. First shot was into the square, and she went 3 of 4 into the square, with the extra shot one inch away. Then we shot eight inch plates at 12 yards and she went 12/12. I started messing with her by telling her to go faster and she missed twice. Then I told her to move the pistol quickly but press the trigger carefully, and she hit every plate.

    She had no idea how to hold the pistol, but she absolutely had hand/eye coordination and understood how to listen and do. I should mention she is on the coaching team of the US Olympic ski team. She could be incredible at our game if she was interested. I told YVK it was so unfair that we didnít have this kind of natural ability.
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    RE GJM's experience-I had a similar discussion last week with the Rangemaster of a 1000+ PD. His ideal new shooter is an athletic female with no prior experience. They are as a group, much faster to proficiency than comparable male new shooters for the classic reasons of: no bad habits to undue, coachability and and no ego to dance around.

    He is interested in seeing how this plays out when the 2022 classes where they will be shooting an MOS Glock 9mm ( No PMO yet) as 147 9 mm Lawman is typically more manageable than the 180g
    .40 cal in high round count training environments.
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