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Thread: New JMCK!

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    Two big road trips in August.... Drove 14 hours DFW to Tucson in a day and 2 weeks later another 14 hours DFW to Boulder in a big UHaul. Both while AIWB G19 in a wing claw with light and dot.

    I'm sure there are other great holster makers out there, but, I've quit looking.
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    Not that he probably needs it, but I just wanted to give Tony/JM Custom an "Atta-Boy" for making quality kydex gear.

    I'm constantly adding to the dozen plus pieces of gear that I already own and my most recent order (some mag carriers delivered today) prompted me to make this post. The subtle, and not so subtle differences between JM and the majority of the garbage I have purchased in the past (before discovering JM) is significant.

    Other than an old Blade-Tech holster that I purchased back when Tim Wegner first came on the scene, I use JM stuff exclusively and they are the only maker that I recommend to others without reservation.
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    JMCK AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 light bearing for P-07 / TLR-8g. Fit and finish is superb as usual. Thanks Tony!

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    JMCK aiwb 2.5 for my 92x Centurion, with RMR.

    Thanks to @Tony Mayer for helping spec'ing this one with me.
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    Barely mediocre with every platform.

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