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Thread: How would y'all react to this potential CS issue

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    How would y'all react to this potential CS issue

    So i don't want to name names just yet, but it involves a company that is well thought of here.

    I placed an order for an item on june 15th, and when i placed the order, the site said there'd be a 6-10 week wait for the specific options i chose. I had no problem with that. Payment was taken, and the wait began.

    A day before the 6 week mark, i was called by an employee saying the order was put in wrong, and i was given a few options . one of the options (which i took) was to wait an extra 4 weeks to get what i initially ordered.

    At the 10 week mark, i called again to check the status, and was informed it would be an additional 2-3 weeks. About 3 and a half weeks later (9/20/21) i called again, and they said there was a note tied to my order, but the CS rep couldn't see it, and he would call me back once he figured out what it said, and i am currently waiting on that call.

    Am i being unreasonable here? This is not the first issue I've had with this company, nor is it the second, but they've always made it right, and they have always been polite and helpful over the phone.

    This normally wouldn't be a big deal, but they have had over $1,000 for close to 4 months, and the only thing i have to show for it is an order confirmation email.

    What would y'all do in this situation?

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    I would contact my credit card company and dispute the charge.

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    Going from what you are reporting, (and only taking that side into account), if it were me, I'd cancel the order and get my money back one way or the other.

    It is not acceptable. If a mistake was made, pains should have been taken to make things right upon its discovery. Not pushed to the back burner since payment had already been made.
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    I second the chargeback/dispute option.

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    If it was me, and I still wanted the gun, I'd be inclined to let it ride a little longer. I might check with the card issuer to verify the window for disputes available to me (e.g., 60 days is a magic number under federal law), and if I still had some additional time available, that might affect when I would go the route of the dispute.

    My two cents. (And so far, the minority opinion.)

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    Small update, called again, was told it should get shipped by the 30th.

    Once that date comes, we'll see

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    I would let the company know that if they cannot meet the latest promised delivery date, you intend to cancel the order. Then if they fail to meet the latest promised delivery date, cancel the order with them. If they do not refund your money, dispute the charge. But give them a chance to get you your money back without the CC company taking it from them.
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    All of the above. I'll add that if I get even a hint of pushback about cancelling the order: talk to supervisor, manager, owner. I make it clear that my money needs to be refunded now, and without further hassles. I have not YET written about this on social media, and do not CURRENTLY intend to. Obviously, the negative publicity for them could be far more than the value of the purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duces Tecum View Post
    I would contact my credit card company and dispute the charge.
    Yep. Not delivered. Pretty simple claim that will be hard to deny.

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm seeing a trend here by companies to use your money as long as they can before you pull the trigger on them. Lots of other shenanigan's going on also like charging your card even thought you cancel an order. I think they hope you'll just take the merchandise and not return it or not bother disputing the charge. I notified a company a week before a pre authorized charge was to be made and told them I no longer wanted the product and canceled the pre-authorization. A week later they charged my card. I disputed it and refund was made. Another 30 minutes out of my life I didn't need. My wife just noticed a charge on our card where she canceled a purchase. Her account even shows there was no purchase. She'll have to call the bank and dispute it.

    I have a feeling banks are being overwhelmed by these unscrupulous business transactions but they seem to be par for the course these days.
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    Escalate it to a manager/owner. The problem sounds to be that no one has taken ownership of the issue and no one is being proactive about correcting it. Possibly a junior employee issue as well but, I'm just speculating.

    If I was spending over $1k on some custom item, I'd expect that company to be proactive and to have good communication. Drip feed me some status emails so I know something is happening. Contact me early if lack of stock in components or base materials is bumping the timeline a bit. Bonus points for some after hours or weekend work that minimizes the post-deadline wait. This isn't rocket surgery.

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