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Thread: Acro mishap

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    Yikes. Not exactly confidence inspiring for a duty optic.

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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing @GJM

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    I held the holster in my hand and gently inserted the 23/Acro to check fit and heard this terrible grinding noise.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick Gelhaus View Post
    Interesting. Thanks for sharing @GJM
    Agreed-and +1 on both GJM and Mr. Dobbs working this through.
    I’m an ACRO user/fan. A P-1 is on my carry 19, and I look forward to the P-2 just for the battery, if not other reported improvements.
    The fact that the sight is still functional is notable. I look forward to the “after damage” shooting report. I recall Cowan did not have any issues immediately, so this is valuable data. I may just strip a sight off as in an extreme situation-total sight failure-and see how the hits are.

    There are/have been issues with any brand. This example brings to mind @Erick Gelhaus writing about alternatives to dot plus iron sight fail. An impact which say, knocks out dot and knocks off front sight=really bad day. But one could get “effective” hits with a silhouette aiming technique. Food for thought and practice…

    And I also wonder if GJM shouldn’t wear a face shield for the shooting test.

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    Acro mishap

    Do you typically use the holster for the 320 for your glocks?

    My 6354 doesn’t have those points.

    Does anyone else have pics of a 6390? Do they all have points on the plastic mechanism?

    Edit: I did have to shave some plastic from this part as my g17 has the irons in back of the rmr, but I don’t think there were points to cut off

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    I had been using this 320 holster with a Gen 5 23 with a 509T, and it seemed a great fit. Unfortunately, the Acro’s front lens protrudes further forward than the 509T, and that contacted the hard plastic piece which pushed through the Acro’s front lens.
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    Note to self: when I get my Acro, set it up with irons in front of the optic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YVK View Post
    Note to self: when I get my Acro, set it up with irons in front of the optic.
    That is interesting, using the rear sight as a protector fir the front lens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MickAK View Post
    that seems a little more sacrificial than desirable.
    Yeah, I'd like to hear Aimpoint's reasoning for making it that fragile. Assuming, of course, that @GJM was gentle, and gentlemanly with his insertion technique.
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    Is it possible that the crack was caused by a small particle on the latch, kind of like how a piece of spark plug insulator can shatter a car window?

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