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    I turned my I-phone 5s into a submarine, failed the stupid test.

    I need a new cell phone, I am fond of and used to the I-phone. I do not necessarily need the latest and greatest.

    Any thoughts, deals etc...... ?

    Currently on ATT but Verizon is strong in my area as well.

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    New iPhones likely being announced tomorrow. Might be some discounts coming on iPhone 12 models. Mine works fine.
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    Xr is mine and works fine. Concur re some price decreasing coming in light of anticipated 13s to be announced tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1slow View Post
    I need a new cell phone, I am fond of and used to the I-phone. I do not necessarily need the latest and greatest. Any thoughts, deals etc...... ?

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    Judging by the fact that the thread title is in all-capps, I will assume that the new phone must be LOUD!!

    Seriously though, we got Older Offspring an iPhone 12 mini, that might do the trick.
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    Throw down for a new iPhone.

    I over-bought a 12 Pro last year and while I don't need the camera features I am gotten some pretty amazing photos of my kids and other landscapes.

    I am figuring an iPhone is a 5+ year investment so I want to make sure I got the 5G's.

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    Cell phones aren't hard to use/learn.

    Ditch the iPhone platform.

    Buy a Moto G on a Google Fi subscription and save yourself a ton of money; drop that money into suppressors, ammo, new guns, training, etc.

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    I bought the newer IPhone SE about a year ago, it has been a good replacement for my 5s, which was getting slow, etc.

    It was about $400.

    They are also the free phone for work phones off the government contract.
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    My iphone 11 spent 5 or 6 hours in around 18-25 inches of water once. We found it because the alarm started going off. So at least you wouldn't have that to worry about with a newer iphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGS View Post
    Cell phones aren't hard to use/learn.
    ...said in response to the original all-caps post on a gun forum requesting advice on replacing a 7-generation-behind obsolete iphone.

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