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Thread: Bladetech Klipt G19 holster

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    Bladetech Klipt G19 holster

    Free to site supporter or any current/former cop, military, fire department/EMS.

    Concealment Express SD9VE holster. It's basically a cant adjustable 1.5 belt clip basic IWB holster. I put some Velcro on the bottom inside for a wedge. Gone!

    Bladetech Klipt for G19. For Gen 3/4. Looser fit on Gen 2 and doesn't have ambi slide stop molding for Gen 5. Single plastic clip built into holster for up to 1.75" belt. Packaging and instructions included.

    Bladetech Klipt for M&P Shield 9. For original Shield. Unknown if it fits M2.0 version or .45 versions. Packaging and instructions included. Gone!

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    In for SD holster.

    Awesome Karma! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    In for Shield. Thank you!

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