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Thread: Gen 5 23 MOS field pistol project

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    First, where are these mid range 10mm loads you speak of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Will you be my reloading bitch.
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    First pistol arrived today. Trigger feels good for field use, as is. Don't have BUIS yet, although the factory shipped it with a 6.1 rear. I put a 509T on, with a Chip Wiz plate, and will Acro number 2. Plan to shoot it tomorrow.

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    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    I've actually been warming to .40 in a USP, so the idea of these gen 5s being better set up for it is intriguing. Looking forward to your thoughts on the dot with a compact chambered in a higher power/recoiling round.

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    Just got back from the range, where I spent about half my training session shooting the Gen 5 Glock 23 MOS. The short version is I loved the pistol, had zero issues in 200 rounds of a variety of ammo, it handled like a Glock 19 and recoiled like a Glock 19 with +P ammo. For the longer version, see below.

    My first task was to refine the zero, as I put the 509T on yesterday and used a Wheeler laser bore sighter to get it close. It was shooting about an inch right and two inches low from the Wheeler at 20 yards, so the laser sighter continue to pay for itself in time and ammo. The top target is Underwood Lehigh 140 grain penetrator ammo, and the bottom target is 180 Winchester ball, so despite the 40 grain difference, point of impact was close at 20 yards (bay limitation on distance). That close POI is something I noticed with all the loads, which also included 165 HST and 165 Gold Dot.

    Here is a ten shot groups from 20 yards with the HST.

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    Here is ten shots with the Gold Dot. Both groups shot off hand, pretty quickly.

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    This is shooting a steel and paper array.

    This is a compilation of me shoot8ng some splits at 7 yards, followed by a draw and shot to five two inch dots at 7 yards, my wife trying to induce a stoppage by limp wristing it support hand, and me doing some steel transitions.

    Something that did get my attention was how much bigger .40 cartridges look.

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    I purposefully kept the X300 on for the entire session, both to add weight and test reliability, since previous Glock 40 pistols had some issues with an attached light. Today I shot 100 Winchester 180 ball rounds, 30 Underwood Lehigh 140 grain Penetrator loads, and 70 165 grain HST and 165 Gold Dot JHP loads. Even barely holding onto the pistol, my wife and I were unable to make the pistol choke.

    So where am I. So far the pistol runs reliably, it shoots and handles like a 19 with +P JHP ammo, and it is a factory ready optics platform. While I have more testing to do, I think it shows great promise as a field pistol, and frankly I wouldn’t hesitate to carry it every day for EDC.
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    .40 G23

    This is a great thread.

    I like having similar handguns in different chamberings based on ammo availability.

    I believe the Federal 180 Grain HST is still a formidable round especially in defeating barriers. If the recoil impulse is as descrived it is encouraging.

    I have access to several thousand rounds of 165 -180 grain FMJ and several thousand of the HST

    I may have to give it a spin in the same configuration

    Thanks for posting!

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    Thank you GJM, great write-up. I think the Gen5 .40s are what the Glock 40's should have been all along. I have never understood all the .40 dislike and with .40 calibre coming in line with 9mm cost some might re-think it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    Just got back from the range . . .

    This is shooting a steel and paper array.
    I'm thinking that, if you'd tune up the steel plates a bit, and synchronize your footwork to the "tune" you'd be playing, we would be not only impressed with the shooting (as always), but hugely entertained as well!

    Just an idea . . .

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    Probably not scientific but this guy tests the 140 grain Underwood Lehigh in .357 and 10mm. The bullets held together.

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    Just looked at Lucky Gunner and they have plenty of shooter .40, plus HST and Gold Dot JHP.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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