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Thread: The last M9's have been end of an era (also pic of upcoming "M9A4")

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    I wonder when LTT will introduce an Acro plate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandoWookie View Post
    IIRC that was a deliberate choice by the USMC, they had access to M1s, but decided that it wasn't worth the disruption in training and supply while they were rapidly trying to build up.
    There was also the sentiment that the Marines on the ground would have preference for the tried and true over an unproven semi-auto.
    The were also cursed with their deliberately chosen issued submachine gun, the Reising, which defined the concept of "piece of junk." There was also some selective issue (possibly to Marine Raiders) of the Johnson semi-automatic rifle, which was another epic fail; the M1 was far, far better, which the Marines quickly realized and subsequently issued. Neither the Reising or the Johnson survived the crucible of Guadalcanal.

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    Saw a post on Reddit of a possible M9A4 Centurion.

    Looking at the barrel length I thought 4.7" was the Vertec flush barrel length and the Centurion/compact was shorter, like 4.5". I looked up the length of a threaded compact barrel on the BUSA website and it's 4.8". So I'm not sure what's up. Could be a Centurion with a threaded barrel. Could be a fullsize with a flush barrel for states that don't allow threaded barrels. I would be stoked for either option. I kinda regret selling my Vertec and an M9A3/A4 with a flush barrel would be pretty much the exact same thing. But I really dig Centurions and I can always jut put a Vertec barrel in an M9A3/A4.
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