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Thread: Holosun 503CU pooped the bed, or why you still need BUIS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Bell View Post
    They have been getting better and better. I think they are CHICOM mil issue. At least that is the rumor.
    The CHICOM Military and various armed police organizations use a variety of optics including knock offs of EoTech, Aimpoint 30mm models, and a fairly prolific ACOG knock off. Their newest rifles seem to use a prism optic which resembles Leupolds ACOG knock off the HAMR.

    None are 1:1 matches to any of Holosun's export products. As discussed in the prior Trijicon lawsuit thread, Holosun is a subsidiary of a company owned by the CHICOM Government but that is true of any Chinese company. So even if doesn't actually make the CHICOM military's optics their Intellectual Property will be shared with those who do. Our optic comrade.....

    Like most optics companies Holosun has at least 3 different grade of optic, the 400 series, the 500 series and the "Military" models.

    Holosun has gotten foreign military contracts for their "Military" line, most prominent example I can think of being beating Aimpoint to supply the red dot optics and magnifiers to Estonia for their LMT AR rifles. How much of that win involved stolen Aimpoint IP ? I don't know but given the way China operates in other venues I'd be shocked if it didn't involve stolen IP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4RNR View Post
    I always thought Holosun made Sig optics?!

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    Holsun has made SOME of SIGs optics.

    Like Vortex and others, SIG has optics made in China, the Philippines, Japan and the USA. They also have optics whose parts are made in one place and which are assembled in another. In one instance I'm aware of, SIG had parts kits made in china, imported as parts and assembled in the USA to qualify as " U.S. made" under the Buy American Act for a US GOV contract.

    Though SIG is based in NH, Sig's optics division is based on Oregon near Leupold, which is not a coincidence since many of their employees are former Leupold employees. SIG is building / has built an optics factory in Oregon to produce the 1-6 optics they are supplying to the U.S. Military. Their pending closed emitter pistol optic, the Romeo 2 is supposed to be produced in the Oregon factory as well.

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