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Thread: Staccato C2 as "do it all" pistol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    Back in the day, I was “that guy non gendered specific person”. I took my mags apart and cleaned them between stages. Replaced springs yearly, etc. Today, I’ll shoot entire matches without cleaning my mags (both open and limited 2011s), and my guns run without issues. I don’t even clean them between matches unless mud was involve. Oh, and they’re the older generation mags where each one is slightly different. They still just run and run. Admittedly, both guns were initially tuned or built by a reputable smith (my open gun I shot yesterday is an EGW build from 1999). Also, both have Aftec extractors, so I never have to worry about extractor tuning after the initial setup. Sure, you may not be able to pop the box and get that reliability, but set up correctly they can be quite reliable and withstand a heck of a lot of abuse.

    As for bending the feed lips, I don’t know about the newer generation magazines, however I don’t think I can bend the feed lips on the older generation magazines that I own even if I use the pair of pliers. These things have some pretty thick stainless steel.
    Something occurred to me after re-reading this that needs to be added. I reload my own ammo, but haven’t done so in over a year (move and new workshop not completed), which is probably why it slipped my mind. I load ammo at longer OAL when loading for my STI / SV guns.

    Also, my 9mm magazines are first Gen SV magazines, not STI. (My .40s are STI).

    My point being, and this may apply to newer Gen magazines as well, perhaps we’re seeing the same issues that we’ve seen in single stack 1911s. We’re putting a 9mm cartridge in a .45 frame and magazine. It’s like putting a Subaru STI engine in a 1970 Chevelle.

    Another plus to the EDC X9 is the frame and mags are sized to the 9mm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    We’re 55 posts into a thread on Pistol Forum. Be grateful we’re not talking about catnip.
    Better we were talking about catnip than putting out bad info which confuses the issue at hand.

    The Stacatto with factory ammo and stacatto mags are designed (or in this case re-designed) to work as a system just like other modern duty guns.

    It is intended to eliminate all the fiddle farting and tinkering commonly associated with 1911/2011 guns.

    Lube gun, feed it duty grade ammo (including training ammo) clean more than a Glock. That’s what you are supposed to do to a Stacatto. If it has an issue send it back to the mother ship like any other modern duty gun.

    Hence anecdote about STIs and other 2011s particular modified and or with non standard hand loads just muddle the issue because one should not be doing any of that with a duty gun.

    Having seen how the old STI made their mags I’m not surprised they got the poor results they did. Stacatto outsourcing mag production to a company that specializes in mag production is as significant as the redesign of the mag itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by porkster View Post
    I have six of the gen 2 mags and have unreliable slide lock just like many others. Saw some information on how the follower for the "newer" (but they never say gen 3) mags has been improved, along with the slide stop, but cannot find any of those upgrades for sale for my unknown gen Staccato P (rolling changes).
    My Gen 2s are reliable feeders but since their only use is USPSA, I have no idea of whether they will slide stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
    …From what I hear there have been some issues with employee retention throughout the economy, and firearms related stuff is no different. I’ve heard that some 20rd magazines (from a vendor) have been supplied with 17rd springs and there was talk that the 20rd springs on some earlier generation mags were too weak... but some work great.

    The three 16rd C2 mags and five 17rd P mags I’ve been using (gen 3) have been flawless so far over maybe 1,000 rounds.

    Treat the Staccato like any other 1911 and test magazines and guns. If mags don’t work - get rid of them. If guns donw’t work, get them tuned and fixed. If you’re not sure, send the whole thing back and keep doing it until it runs 100%.
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    I bought a "C" a few months ago for (civilian) EDC. I couldn't be happier: light, soft-shooting, easy to conceal, and accurate. It has cycled everything I've fed it with Tripp Cobra mags that I run in my full-size 9mm 1911. Tripp officer mags (9 and 10 round) work just fine and have the small base pad extension to extend the front strap for a bit better pinky purchase. As an added bonus the softest steel challenge loads used in my full-size function in the "C" (and drop near my right foot). If USPSA would allow compact 1911s in Carry Optics the "C" would do very well IMO in pure stock configuration.

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