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Thread: Re-Vet Pistol after Installing RDO?

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    Re-Vet Pistol after Installing RDO?

    I sent the slide from one of my PX4s to LTT for milling for an RDO. I got it back and installed a Holosun 507c on it, and have gone through about 300 rounds of hardball and maybe a dozen rounds of my carry load (HST 124-grain +P) to zero it. It's been 100% and was 100% before I sent it for the slide cut. Do I need to re-vet this gun before carrying it? I can probably afford a box of HST, my stash is getting low.

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    I'm sure opinions will vary, but if it ran your carry ammo fine before and still gets through a mag now I wouldn't sweat it too much, given how much ball you've shot through it. I ran 3 mags through mine post-RDO just to verify function and POI but with the ammo drought didn't want to have to go beg the armorer for more.
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    I've been doing ~200 of good ball then a mag of my carry ammo. A couple mags for my slimline guns (G48, G43)

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    The weight of the optic typically is not much more than the weight of the metal milled out to install it so you likely aren't going to see any malfunctions caused by it.

    My vetting would be to shoot pretty much what you already did. In normal times you could probably shoot more HST, but these aren't normal times and ammo is expensive.

    I think you're good.

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    While anything is theoretically possible, beyond parts missing or improperly assembled, I think the main risk of the install is a screw too long, negatively impacting extractor function. That should show up in a few magazines. The greater risk is probably an early failure of the Holosun.
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