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Thread: Joined, hoping to do bug on an LCP Max 380

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    Joined, hoping to do bug on an LCP Max 380

    Freedom munitions 100gr 380 may meet power req's, if not I have a sig p365 with some atlanta arms mouse loads.

    Not planning to do sanctioned events, just local club matches, this is for personal enjoyment and skill development.

    Oak Ridge IDPA qualifier will be my next stop. I'm not a bad shooter, so will try to score above novice in the qual. :-)

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    I am enjoying my 4th year in idpa. I really like being able to do a whole range of different shooting positions. It is pretty much anything the guys can think up. Some of the stages have a very loose story involved like sitting in a restaurant and 3 bad guys come in, etc. Others just practice of things it's hard to do at most ranges like 3 pairs of targets at different distances. You have to shoot one pair weak hand only, another pair strong hand only, and the last pair any style you want. So 12 shots which means you need to reload somewhere in there.

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    If you are going to campaign a BUG, you would like the Honolulu Hidden Handgun Hoedown at Brock's Gap (Hoover/Birmingham.). That ought to be in your combat radius.

    It isn't quite IDPA but it is an interesting challenge. I shot a LC9s and my protege shot a G43 in 2019 and had a big time. I will take an OACP next time; hope to get in this year.
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    If you haven't seen it you may want to check out this thread.

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    Welcome. All the best with IDPA.

    You are doing the right thing.

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    Thanks guys. I downloaded the qualifier rules, I can set up for the 5x5 (abbreviated) and the regular one in dry fire at home, and I can practice the shot sequences at the range, hopefully that will be enough. Shooting with one hand for the 5x5 is not something I have practiced yet, but I've read enough to know it is a skill I should learn.

    I am not trying to win or worry about placement, just do my best on the gun I actually carry. I admit I do want to 'rank' in the sense of being better than novice. After that we'll see.

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    IDPA is fun and I hope to shoot some matches again some day.
    It's where I learned shooting a handgun inside a car causes a lot of pressure which is alarming the first time it happens. All the windows were down and the targets were outside the car but it was startling and quite the learning experience. The movies and television shows make it look like it's no big deal.

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    OP, I'm in a similar "boat". Bought a Staccato C for carry and I'm going to my second IDPA match tomorrow (first was several years ago). This should be a great venue for working out the bugs. It will never feel like my full-size 9mm 1911s, but it is soft shooting, very accurate, and beyond easy to conceal. Good luck in your first outing.

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