In the name of honesty, I did the same drill a second time and the results were less flattering. I fumbled with not only the reload but every single draw. During string 3, because I messed up my reload and was in a hurry I even managed to yank a shot right into the lawyer zone. Very much not my best performance, but regrettably this might be a more accurate representation of my on-demand skills.

Same gun, same kit, more or less even the same weather. So what caused the difference? Being tired, hurried, a bit under the weather... Little things like that.

String 1: 2.12 (Holy fucking fumble, Batman!)
String 2: 2.02 (Damnit, so close...)
String 3: 5.38 (So why was I in such a hurry with that one shot..?)
String 4: 3.72 (At this point I don't even.)

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By my count I'm down 11 points, giving me a score of 89. Sucks, but it is what it is.