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Thread: Shotgun Skills Test (Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner)

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    Shotgun Skills Test (Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner)

    Here. It looks pretty interesting. I'm going to try it out soon.

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    Ran this one over the weekend in reverse order. Shot stage 3 with the shotgun starting on the ground. Fun drill and I always enjoy the Lucky Gunner content. The 15 yd stage was shot with Federal LE 9 pellets, all others with Rio 9 pellet.

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    Shot this one with a friend yesterday. We both scored enough points and easily made the basic times, except he failed the reload stage due to some manual of arms issues, and I made intermediate at 3 yards. I admit I pulled the 15-yard shot a little.

    We both shot 1301s; the difference between Flite Control (top) and low-recoil Nobel Sport (bottom) is extraordinary.

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    Watched the video on this test this morning. Im gonna give it a go once I get my M3000 squared away. I really like LGs videos. One of the better YouTube series out there.
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