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Thread: Thumb keeps hitting slide release

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    My P30, with the ‘regular’ short lever. It cured my issue quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
    What Mas said is a great way to build a good grip... but there's no one "perfect" grip that applies to everyone... a "good" instructor (Mas is one of them) - and thay are a bit harder to find than one would think - can look at what you do and refine it.
    Yeah, I spent a significant amount of time teaching, and one of the hallmarks of a good teacher is that there are good general principles to performing certain tasks but also realizing that what works for one student may not work for another.

    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
    I'm not a fan of a grip that overrides the controls of the pistol, but I've heard that the P30 commonly causes this issue. If the grip can be modified to allow good performance and avoid overriding controls then that's good. If it's not just an HK thing (like you're overriding controls of several different types of pistols), then overall grip needs to be looked at more.
    I can't say that I have noticed it on other platforms, but I shoot the P30 97+ percent of the time when shooting a semiautomatic.

    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
    All that so say it would'ne be a bad thing to post a picture or several of your grip for us to see... We could maybe give some better information when we're seeing what you're doing.
    Noted. Give me a few days.

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    I recently found myself in the same boat. After years and years of primarily shooting Glocks, I switched to a Walther Q5 which has a huge ambi slide release. Being left handed I never had an issue before. So now I can either modify my grip or my gun.

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