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Thread: Sitka gear?

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    I have a Sitka wind shell that I bought a few years back on sale from EuroOptic. I like it fine, and it is good quality.

    I would probably buy more of their gear, but it generally comes in generic S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes. I am tall but not fat, so if I want the sleeves to be long enough, I end up with a jacket that is huge in the body. I bought a "new with tags" milsurp GoreTex jacket that came in a tall size off eBay for $50. It is digital camo, but who cares? I think I am going to hunt with that for the coming season.

    I agree with poster above that it makes sense to have only your outer gear in camo and have the other layers in subdued colors. It is more versatile, and you can be more low profile when traveling to and from your hunts.

    ETA: I am also extremely skeptical that you need to wear camo at all for deer hunting. I tend to wear it because that is what the gear comes in, but in my experience being quiet and still matters much more than what color or pattern your shirt is. Hunting ducks, turkeys, and doves is a different matter.
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    I prefer Sitka. Roger's Sporting Goods, Eurooptics, and Black Ovis/Camofire have Sitka clearance items on sale at times that bring the price down 40-50% if you don't mind rocking last year's model.

    I really like Kuiu, but prefer Sitka's camo patterns in the country we hunt.

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    I have that exact jacket and love it, I've only used it for one season but am very pleased with it. It is well thought out and we'll made, most of my bird hunting is in flooded fields and marshes and I think it camouflages nicely. One warden I talked to said he was watching me through glass for a while and was impressed at how I disappeared into the brush.

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    @Maca FYI I had an email that First Lite is running their Season Opener sale with some good discounts on some items. You might score a deal on a jacket for your duck hunting.

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    Thanks @rd62.

    I ordered a Sitka Delta Wading jacket and it just arrived. Unfortunately, XL is too large so hoping an exchange for a Large works out.

    The design, materials and build quality are exceptional.

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    So, while their Sitka's products may be exceptional, their customer service is awful.

    Rather than develop happy customers and pocket the retailer margins when selling directly online, they drive customers away by quarantining all returns and exchanges for 2 weeks, as well as not paying fr return shipping. So, unless I know exactly what I am buying, I will never order another product from their website.

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    Well, that's disappointing to hear

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