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Thread: help locating Steiner DBAL I2 9007 model

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    help locating Steiner DBAL I2 9007 model

    I've settled on the above named device for my NV aiming needs as I needed to compromise to get household 6 on board with needing multiple units. I'm a member over at "the costco of the gun world" and they carry the unit and price it at around $600, which frankly was one of my drivers for the decision. The rub is they have been out of stock for a while and there is no way to know when they may come back in stock. I've done a fair amount of surfing the interwebs looking for the unit, and its mostly out of stock elsewhere too. I have found a few vendors of good repute who have it, but it seems to be priced at nearing $900 or over in some cases. Anyone got a line on a good vendor who has this unit for no more than $750ish?

    If I'm unable to get this one found I'm just gonna go with the A3 or the D2 variant, and frankly if price were no consideration, I'd try to track down the full power equivalent of the D2, but alas, funds are not infinite.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.

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    My experience with BDU is the out of stock items are listed at the price they last sold them at, and you might have grand kids by the time it comes back in stock, and the price will be higher.

    Brownells has one left for $887.

    I don't know how patient you are, but DSG Arms price is $788 if you don't mind getting on the email notification list for when they get them back in.

    I wouldn't hold my breath that BDU will have them again at $600.

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    I haven't seen one of those for a bit now, honestly your best bet to find them cheaper will likely be the trade sites on some of the forums or facebook. You might also be able to buy into a A3 or D2 on those sites for much less than retail as well. Right now almost anything "high end tactical" is still going for at or around MSRP both online and at most shops. Other stuff is starting to drop but the" Gucci Gear" is holding pricing currently.

    I know it's probably not what you want to hear, particularly since you have to contend with competing interests for your money, But I would hold out for the D2... of all the lasers I have and I have been able to use/ shoot with I think it is the greatest value for the performance. THe LED illuminator might "seem big" but it really isn't, it works great and is one of the few that I don't find the need to run cables on due to the controls layout, even though I am left handed.... My fullpower PEQ 15 does not seem that much more capable than it, and the MAWL C1, while nice, is not double the price nice...
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