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Thread: 11.5" DI AR + Sandman K and timers

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    11.5" DI AR + Sandman K and timers

    Don't know anything about rifle suppressors and pistol suppressor experience is both limited and dated to the 90s.

    People describe the shorty cans on shorty ARs as "loud". I understand these are generally not hearing safe, though the port noise(?) is reduced somewhat by using a piston instead of DI.

    Are these "loud" enough to register on a timer?

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    Very much so!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason M View Post
    Very much so!

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    Yes depending on the position of the timer and it's calibration. I've had to reshoot a few times with a 12.5 + Turbo K because the timer registered some but not all shots.

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    Working with one trainer using a 10.5" barrel with Omega suppressor and an 11.5" with Omega suppressor, the timer did not reliably pick up the shots.
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