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Thread: Beretta 1301 Gen 1 with aridus goodies + ammo

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    Beretta 1301 Gen 1 with aridus goodies + ammo

    Hello, I have available a 1301 gen 1 tactical with shroud from tau development group , it is low round count and has the following attached:

    Arridus Haught Mod Crom $ 140 value
    Aridues side saddle (Universal QDC) $185 value
    Aridus stock adapter $84 value
    Magpul stock $109 value
    nordic mxt extension (+2 with picatinny clamp) $145 value

    optional aimpoint t1 on it add $500
    optional streamlight 1000 lumen protac hl-x add $90 (already set up with a semper gumby method of attaching the pressure bad with zip ties to the forend.

    Base gun I am listing at 890 because its a gen 1 but it appears gen 2s are going for upwards of 1300 dollars now..

    if you buy everything besides the optic and light, I will sell it to you for $1428 shipped. This is subtracting 25 dollars from each of the things on the shotgun that are like new. If you buy the light and t1, I'll give you a discount for those add ons that we can discuss. Send me a pm and I can send pictures.

    also have ammo available that will be shipped separately (you pay shipping).
    182 shells of Federal LE133 00 8 pellet flight control (doc approved) 1.00 a shell (listed as 1.67 a shell on
    40 shells of Federal PB127 DPRS 10z Truball slug, also doc approved $.90 a shell (listed on as 1.00 a shell.)
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    ammo is sold!

    Some bites on the 1301, don't make me list it on Gunbroker!

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