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Thread: Why Carry a 1911? Gun Guys

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    After the last IDPA match, where I shot my SW 1911Sc Commander - I drove about 140 miles and carried it all day under a shoot me vest with two extra mags. Holster was a Galco belt quick slide OWB that they don't make anymore and Blade Tech, 2 mag pouches. It was doable. Nobody screamed in terror in the supermarket where I shopped. It was big but comfortable. I wouldn't make it my first choice ( that's a G26).

    BTW, I've just read that 1.2 million 9mm HiPoints have been sold. Should you carry it AIWB? Haha.

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    I managed to go to Costco to get Henry the Happy Hound more puppy chow, the bank and other places, all with an old Colt and not die.

    I did not even feel poorly armed, for a boomer.

    Truth be told, I would have grabbed a G17 or 19 but both were locked in the safe, and this was out, so I grabbed it. Frankly (for me) using a Glock or a 1911 is not really going to make any real world difference, so I grabbed what was available and went to town.

    Henry is happy.

    “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

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