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Thread: Dry-Fire vs DA/SA

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    I may be the Lone Ranger, but regarding DA/SA dryfire, I would concentrate on the DA stroke and the SA press seperately rather than in tandem.

    If you want to pin and reset fine - hold the DA trigger to the rear before you let the trigger return for another DA stroke. Rinse and repeat.

    If you want to practice the SA trigger press, hold the trigger to the rear until you cycle the slide, then establish grip and reset and press. Or some semblance of that.

    The the DA and SA trigger manipulations are obviously different, and my thought is that breaking focus in the middle (after the DA stoke) to set up the SA press doesn't give optimal results.

    Another thing I sometimes do is after the SA press, I keep the trigger pinned and lock the slide to the rear, I acquire the front sight and let the slide go using my support thumb, I track the sight as it comes forward and dips, at the same time I reset and press as the sight raises into position. I think it works to help ME get on a good sight picture for a follow up shot quickly, even though in reality the sight moves up and drops back in, rather than raises up.

    Teaching po po's transition trigger one of my favorite drills was to load a dummy, then a live, then a dummy, them a live until you end with a live round on top of the mag. The shooter than fires the live first round DA, follows the sight, resets then presses. Of course one object is a good sight picture for the SA dry press - which the student knows is coming, therefore should be correct. To me the overriding objective is ingraining a good smooth DA stroke during live fire - everybody has one during live fire . After a couple runs set the time to a reasonable par and work to achieve the SA dry stroke before the second buzzer. Probably repeat it move than you want.

    One of my rules when using dummies with students for trigger manipulation drills is that the shooter always knows where the dummy is. I learned that at Bill Roger's place.
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    double tap
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    Only my first Beretta 84 had the magazine disconnect. I removed it as soon as I got it home, it takes like 5 min. None of the 3 since then have it, nor does my 81, 85, or Browning BDA 380.

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    I’m thinking out loud here, but what if you disassembled the magazine and stuff just the magazine body into the gun? Visualizing it, I think that will disable the magazine safety yet not locked the slide to the rear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdioSS View Post
    Supposedly it is easy to remove the wire used to make it not fire without a magazine, if you want to. Neither of my 84’s came with that “feature”
    Thanks a lot for the reminder. It completely slipped my mind how easy it is.

    The removal changes everything in regards to the dry fire of my 84. Unfortunately, I still have a unit with a massive peening, so I cannot practice shooting with it, but other than that it's all good :-) I'm thinking about getting a Px4 now.

    Here's the article in Beretta Forum's Reference Library;

    Picture of the wire in my gun (the library only has it removed):
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    I do dry fire in DA with my HK's 90% of the time.
    I have gotten to the point where I can score in the low 90's on a B 8 at 25 yards slow fire in DA for 10 rounds.

    The SA on my P30 & P30L feel like competition 1911 triggers from so much DA Dry fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zaitcev View Post
    This is another one of "which gun for me" questions, but hopefully it's more specific than most.

    One thing of practicing dry-fire for me is so-called follow-up: after squeezing the trigger to fire, reset the mechanism and re-acquire the sights, then release the trigger to reset and possibly start another cycle. In a Glock the reset is done by pulling the slide back a little bit.

    A while ago I bought a Beretta 84 in order to learn DA/SA. However, it presents a couple of impediments to practice. It does not fire without magazine, so using the rear motion of the slide to reset catches on empty. But more importantly, if trigger is held down, the hammer cannot the re-cocked.

    I hope it was clear enough an explanation. So the question is if a DA/SA gun exists that a) fires with no magazine and b) has a hammer that can be cocked with trigger still held back. Does anyone know of one? If you own one, can you test it for me explicitly?

    Thanks in advance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oldherkpilot View Post
    TRT dry fire safety.
    I don't use these with my DA/SAs but they are nice for striker-fired pistols. Would solve your mag safety issue, too.

    Mod edit: added Amazon link
    Or one of these:
    (Formerly known as Sotex.)

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