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Thread: Federal .38 Special "Train and Protect" LSWC-HP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    Well, you've got me looking for .38 Short Colt brass
    I solved that problem by buying 500 loaded rounds from Lost River.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost River View Post
    The Short Colt stuff has been really fun!

    If the general shooting public were more aware of it, I have no doubt it would be substantially more popular.

    Those little 9mm length cartridges and J Frames are like PB&J! They put a smile on your face.
    Several years ago I bought several boxes of Magtech( I think?) .38 Special Shorts off of Luckygunner. I think I even started thread asking about them on here. Little stubby cases loaded with 125 grain bullets. Dont recall what the claimed FPS was, but those suckers were fun in my j-frame, and like .22s in the Security Six.
    I haven't been able to find them since, and wished I had bought all I could have afforded at the time. Only downside with them was they were filthy and smokey.
    I hope you are successful in getting more people aware of these Short Colts, I would love to have another option out there.

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    You might want to check charge hole diameters on your older service revolvers. I have three pre-1980 S&W "former cop guns" which readily accept the Remington brand of .38 S&W brass or ammo as well. R-P .38 S&W brass has a base diameter forward of the rim which is the same as their .38 Special.
    Not so with older Rem-UMC, Western, WRA, modern W-W, Federal, Fiocchi or Starline, which are "too fat."

    My S&W 37-1, 10-5 and 28-2 all can use R-P .38 S&W ammo or reloads in that brass. And so can my S&W Model 940 in 9mm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Whitlock View Post
    I, for one, hope that when you are ready to ship out product, that you'll post something up here on PF.
    When I get the website up and going I will.

    But I will make sure that it gets done properly and gladly make sure the Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers are rightly taken care of, since it will be an e-commerce site.

    Which I didn't realize what I was getting myself into when the good idea fairy said "Hey I know! Make ammo!, that beats carrying a gun and traveling!"

    The make ammo part is easy...
    “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

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    Chrono Data

    The ammo came in yesterday. Instead of the 15-20 days wait before shipping, it shipped in four days. I went to the range this morning, placed the ProChrono Digital about ten feet from the bench, and had at it.

    I brought three revolvers to the range so I could get data from three different barrel lengths. I ran a cylinderful through each gun. Here's what we got:

    2" S&W 642-2: 758 fps/SD 23

    3" S&W M10-7: 843 fps/SD 13

    4" S&W M10-8: 853 fps/SD 15

    Looking at the difference in SDs between the J frame and the K frames, I decided to put another five rounds through the 642 to see if the first run was an anomaly. It actually came out with a bigger SD - 764 fps/SD 30. The gun has the original factory springs in it as far as I know - it was a KY SP trade-in.

    The 4" gun had one low round (830 fps). The average velocity would've been higher, and the SD tighter, without it.

    I ran a cylinderful each through the 642 and the 3" on a B-8 at seven yards. POI was about as expected, a bit high with the 642 and right on with the 3" M10. The 642 hits to POA with 125s. Accuracy was okay.

    Both K frames gave higher velocities than advertised (830 fps) and were about where I've chronographed both Federal and R-P LSWC-HP +P loads in the past. This backs up @jetfire's perception that he couldn't tell a difference between these loads and +P loads in the same gun. This was apparently achieved by the use of a relatively slow powder, as evidenced by the metric shit ton of unburnt powder left behind. This isn't the ammo you'd want to use to practice live-fire speedloads.

    IMO, this is decent "cheap" defensive ammo. There's no way to tell if it'll expand, but at least it'd work as a regular SWC. Since it's $3/box more than Federal's RNL load, it's pretty cost-effective. I'm not switching to it, but I'll keep it as a backup for my R-P load.

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