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Thread: Holosun 509T X2

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    Pictures of a new 509T are posted on social media tonight. Externally appears identical. Unk about anything else.

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    Hmm... interesting on the distortion. Haven't noticed it on mine when shooting, but I may have gotten lucky. Or maybe I'm just blind lol.

    Hopefully some of you will be listing your X1s in the for sale section soon so I can get a good deal

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    The one I owned briefly had MRO-level magnification issues that rendered it unusable with both eyes open (kind of the whole point of the RDS...), and the Circle/Dot reticle was canted about 15 degrees to port.

    I'm likewise hopeful the Gen2 will be a (much) product improved version. I'm wondering if, knowing the new version was coming along, QC slipped as sights were put together to get them out the door before the new release? Mine was purchased in May-ish timeframe, right about the time the new version became a known thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontshakepandas View Post
    Your question wasn't directed towards me, but I really wanted to like the 509T. I had 5 of them. The amount of distortion varied pretty wildly between the different units. One of them seemed just slightly worse than an RMR and if I stayed target focused it really wasn't too noticeable. The others varied from worse to much worse and would actually distort the image enough in some parts of the optic that it would noticeably change the shape of the target/reticle and make getting good hits difficult, especially if the dot wasn't centered in the optic where parallax was a consideration also.

    I haven't used an ACRO to compare, but have 3 of the P2 models preordered. None of them are intended for pistol slides until I get a chance to look through them though.
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    I feel fortunate about my 509T. I've looked at a bunch of targets bisecting them with a right and left walls of the frame. So half of a target is seen through the optic and second half is seen outside the optic. Didn't notice any difference.

    I feel impatient about the P-2.
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    Seems like Holosun's QC is all over the place, my 509T has noticeable distortion but it's for other discussed reasons I preferred it over the P1.
    I will end up with an Acro P2 which will allow me to sleep better at night haha
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    I noticed the distortion initially with my 509T, especially at distance. But with some work and a couple classes I don't notice it anymore. I think concentrating on the target and keeping the dot in the center of the window helped me a good deal. I'm looking forward to the new 509t if it reduces the distortion. I really like this optic and the Acro gen 1 for duty work.

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    Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts posted pics of his 509 X2 and confirmed the glass (distortion?) is improved, have options of the dot, circle dot or circle and is replacing his Gen 1 509T's.

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    Link? I donít do Facebook, not sure if itís there or elsewhere. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davisj View Post
    Link? I donít do Facebook, not sure if itís there or elsewhere. Thanks!

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