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Thread: Magna Friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caballoflaco View Post
    If itís for shooting and not looking at, and isnít cast so the finger groove is hollow why donít you just grind/file or dremel off the hump?

    As to the OP of this thread part of the reason s&w grips are rare is that almost all factory wood grips from them suck and when the guns were tools and not collectors items people tossed them in the garbage where they belonged and got something that worked or if they were budget minded they grabbed a wood rasp and some sand paper and did what they could. Right now my N frame sports a modern set of plywood S&W grips that I dremeled down into something that is very similar in form to the miculek grips, if you havenít tried some if might be worth a shot.
    It is for shooting occasionally, and the chances of my carrying it concealed are close to zero. Looks like the Pachmayr Gripper grip is going back on.

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    I have a set of Grippers on my Dan Wesson and actually like them. A lot. They fit my hand pretty well. Not sure how that would translate into a set for an N frame, but theyíre cheap enough to give it a shot. The Miculek grips appear to be a bit thinner and more narrow at the base. Thatís probably what I really need. The Ahrends flare a bit at the base, and I donít have the guts to hack on them. Theyíre too pretty and no longer available as far as I know. The 28 is a ďworking gunĒ so something synthetic I would stomach. The Pre-14 will never see plastic. Ever. Never.
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