I paid my money, took my chances, and started the course on Christmas Day, worked on it over the week, and completed the course successfully on New Year's Day.
1. I repeat the recommendation to download all of the available files, both the slides for each module and the supplemental documents. Much better to have your local copy open as you watch and listen to the streaming recorded lecture.
2. Keep both the open PDF file and the stream in view on your screen. Most instances of extra slides are in the PDF, but in a few modules there are slides in the stream not included in the downloaded file. Be ready to pause the stream and take notes on the slides not found in the PDF.
3. The exam consisted of 60 questions, and you can take it open book. Each question even identifies the module number where the answer can be found. Passing score is 80%.
4. Be sure to read each question carefully; missing a negative or detail can easily cause you to pick an incorrect answer.
5. There are two or three gimme questions that no one should miss... Branca had fun entertaining us with those. (Hint ... Nachos?)
6. On the final question (#60) do NOT click SUBMIT EXAM until you have used the back arrows to go back and double check every answer you gave. Once you submit the test, if you fail it costs another $20 to take it again.

Overall, this is a very good enhancement of what Branca used to call his Level I course and most recently rebranded as his Advanced course.