View Poll Results: Which type of pistol do you AIWB carry?

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  • I carry a pistol with an external safety.

    18 8.70%
  • I carry a pistol with an external hammer.

    56 27.05%
  • I carry a pistol with an SCD.

    61 29.47%
  • I carry a pistol having none of the above features.

    72 34.78%
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Thread: AIWB Carry Poll

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    Lane 7, behind the gun.
    P30 v1, JRC CDAII.
    Or P2000sk
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    P365XL / Tenicor Velo,

    or a CZ P10C / Henry Holsters Flint

    Both qualified as "none of the above".

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    I would like to try a 92x compact AIWB.

    Iím so AIWB nervous that Iím not comfortable trying it unless it has a safety and either a DA trigger/ hammer or a grip safety. Not saying itís reasonable or rational, but itís my thought on it.

    Still I really want to try a 92x compact AIWB.

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    This might be a good time to link to @Mr_White's analysis of the relative safety of carry positions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_White View Post
    ...It's my belief that AIWB done well, can be safer than either of the two common strong side methods, but that all three are within the common standard of care within the defensive handgun training industry/community. Bottom line is that it is difficult for the gun to shoot what the gun is not pointed at, and based on my experience, training, study, and experimentation, AIWB done very carefully can be undertaken even more safely than other much more common, popular, and also perfectly legitimate carry methods when it comes to minimizing the gun being pointed at the user during normal defensive handgun training and practice...
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    Beretta 92. Once I grab a holster, a Smith 637 (also external hammer) will see some carry.

    The thumb on hammer really gives me a sense of security on the reholster. I like the DA trigger, and would likely choose it anyway... but when selecting a small revolver I specifically wanted a hammer I could thumb on holster.

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    I carry a fullsize M&P 1.0 in 9mm, same SKU as my duty gun. If I had my druthers I would carry the same model with a thumb safety but want to replicate my work gear as closely as possible

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    Glock 19x. I carry in a raven vanguard 2 so the ďholsterĒ is clipped onto the gun blocking the trigger before the pistol gets placed IWB and clipped on the belt. I find it to be the overall safest way to holster a gun appendix because the trigger is completely blocked before the gun goes anywhere close to your belt line. I have been dong it for years. The only problem is that it can get uncomfortable on long days and I am getting less tolerant of it in my old age. I will be getting a Glock 43x into the rotation and plan to try a vanguard 2 for it as well. If I move to a more traditional holster I will get a gadget.

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    Prioritized by frequency:

    M&P 9 Shield; M&P 9 FS; P30 V3

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterBlaster View Post
    Among the subset of members who carry AIWB, I am curious to know what the distribution of pistol type is with regard to holster safety, as represented by the following four general categories:

    1. I carry a pistol with an external safety.
    2. I carry a pistol with an external hammer.
    3. I carry a pistol with an SCD.
    4. I carry a pistol having none of the above features.

    • Please only vote if you are truly a dedicated, daily AIWB carrier.
    • If you carry more than one type pistol, vote for the one you carry most often.
    • Once you have voted, post the make and model of the gun your vote is based upon.
    Beretta PX4CC. A Razorbacked 365xl w/507k occasionally pinch-hits.

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    I most often carry my first-gen Smith & Wesson M&P 9 fullsize.

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