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Thread: What handgun should I get?

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    So which one to buy?

    I am looking to pick up a 9mm. I can not afford a Glock. So I have found a couple that I think will be worth having.
    Ruger P95 349.99
    Smith & Wesson SD9VE 299.99
    Out of the 2, which one do you think is the better. This will be my primary CC, I have a Taurus tcp 738 .380 for my bug.

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    Sell the Taurus & get a used G19

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    I wish to keep the Taurus.

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    Your 380 won't end up with a very long service life if you train with it the way you should. Trade it and use the money towards a used glock 19 as mentioned or try to trade it plus a little cash and get a ruger LCP. Then save the money for a extra month or two and grab either a glock or m&p (used if you can find one).

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