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Thread: What handgun should I get?

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    In response to training and experience, it's safe to assume I've had no formal training. I have grown up around guns my entire life and and very familiar with rifles. I just recently turned 21 and purchased a ruger mark III and have been using it to familiarize myself with pistols. I've shot a few thousand rounds through it so far. If anyone knows of places to train in arkansas I'd love to hear about them. I am a college student though and finances are tight at the moment.

    I am looking at purchasing a high noon holster for this weapon, specifically the alter ego. Any opinions on this is welcome as well.
    Smaller guns are almost always harder to shoot than larger ones, and often are harder to manipulate. This is not cut and dry rule, but it is very often the case. Since you've read this site for awhile, you'd know that majority of members here put proficiency over specific hardware choices. Therefore the answer is what kind of proficiency you're aspiring to achieve. If you want to get to the basic levels of being safe and competent, then smaller gun is fine (MPc would be my second choice after Walther PPS). If you'd prefer to push yourself a bit further, you'll likely handicap yourself with a small gun; Gen3 G19 or 17 would be my choice in this case.

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    So which one to buy?

    I am looking to pick up a 9mm. I can not afford a Glock. So I have found a couple that I think will be worth having.
    Ruger P95 349.99
    Smith & Wesson SD9VE 299.99
    Out of the 2, which one do you think is the better. This will be my primary CC, I have a Taurus tcp 738 .380 for my bug.

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    Sell the Taurus & get a used G19

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    I wish to keep the Taurus.

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    Your 380 won't end up with a very long service life if you train with it the way you should. Trade it and use the money towards a used glock 19 as mentioned or try to trade it plus a little cash and get a ruger LCP. Then save the money for a extra month or two and grab either a glock or m&p (used if you can find one).

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