Sunday, September 12, 2021
8:30 AM 5:00 PM

Course Description: This intensive, fast paced course will cover the full spectrum of handgun skills required for defensive and competition pistol shooting. Many drills will be shot for score to baseline student abilities, with analysis and recommended training goals provided to students.

This class is highly recommend for shooters at the USPSA B-C class level, or IDPA Sharpshooter/Expert level that want to identify what to change in their techniques, goals and practice plans to improve with efficient use of training time.

Those at USPSA A class/IDPA Master level or higher can also benefit from the material in this course. Lead instructor Karl Rehn is a Grand Master in 5 USPSA divisions (Production, Carry Optics, Limited, Limited 10 and Pistol Caliber Carbine).

Topics: group shooting at 7-25 yards, presentation from holstered and ready positions, multiple shots/single target, multiple targets, targets at varying ranges, one handed shooting (left and right hand), reloads, shooting on the move and more.

Length: Eight hours

Prerequisites: Prior training in, or completion of any match or event in which drawing from a holster was required.

Required Equipment: A centerfire handgun, belt holster, a minimum of 2 spare magazines or speedloaders, magazine/speedloader carriers, eye and ear protection, a baseball cap (to deflect spent brass and keep the sun out of your eyes) and a minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition.