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Thread: Today I Saw The Front Sight (Steel Challenge Match)

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    Today I Saw The Front Sight (Steel Challenge Match)

    I recently replaced my stock partridge front sight on my S&W 617 with a green fiber optic. At 70 my eyes aren't what they use to be so for a few years I shot with a C-More mounted on the 617. I wanted to shoot iron sights again so I bought the Precision FO front sight and managed to mount it myself.

    I asked a few gunsmiths to mount it but it appears no one had the roll pin for the mount and they were backordered everywhere. I found some on Amazon so I was in business.

    What I like most is that the green dot really stands out better than any other sight I've tried. I had some very good runs at todays match but I need to spend some more time sighting in. I focused on the FS very well.
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    Yep, FO is the best sight out there as long as you are out there. Several years ago I got one and liked the yellow the best. As soon as my wife tried it she when do I get mine. When hers arrived I had her hold up all 4 colors so she could look at the ends. For her red was brightest. Funny how different eyes see things differently.

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