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Thread: Crazy murder case in South Carolina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    Don't jump to conclusions. I'll bet the list of people with grudges is quite long, and that doesn't include random assholes.
    Seconded. I bet there’s a huge list of potential suspects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    Seconded. I bet there’s a huge list of potential suspects.
    Yes. That is the beauty of it. A murder mystery where only one person has a motive is boring. A mystery where a bunch of people have a motive? You can keep people up all night reading “one more chapter” with that.
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    This thread renews my faith in humanity a tad.

    I have often wonder why assholes who destroy so many lives by screwing people over and literally getting away with murder are allowed to live old age in opulence and carnal gluttony while some kids in kindergarten get slaughtered by a turd who should have been put away years earlier.

    I mean how many Vietnam vets with the “ability and means” did Frank Lorenzo screw over and yet he still dines with the Bush’s? Meanwhile kids are doing active shooter drills in school.

    Just funny how the world works......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lester Polfus View Post
    Fuck. I could change some names and locations and that book would write its self.
    Vaguely reminded me of this song

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratch View Post
    Vaguely reminded me of this song

    There is only one person that could get away with the line “She still looked like a prom queen in the back of the sheriff’s car” and that person is Chris Knight.

    I love Chris Knight.
    I was into 10mm Auto before it sold out and went mainstream, but these days I'm here for the revolver and epidemiology information.

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    Boating "Accident" Victim's Obit

    Her job

    Clearly this young lady has a ton of folks in the area. Having said that, the rich "family" in question has certainly been there long enough to create enemies. 3 generations of attys/prosecutors can certainly do that for you.

    From the evidentiary point of view, it is unfortunate that the local SC authorities found themselves unable to compel blood tests etc from the deceased and another possible boat driver. I can only presume that they were unable or unwilling to get a search warrant for such a sample given the family's legal influence and roles as prior/present county solicitors (prosecutors).

    Wide suppositions and pure speculation follows:

    I wonder how far apart they were on the civil suit? you have a fairly sympathetic victim and the opposite in the defendant.

    Based on 30 secs of research re SC law, given her age, even "underemployed" at this boutique, we would likely be talking seven figures in economic damages (1mil +) no cap on non economic damages for her (pain and suffering if applicable before death---how much is it worth to avoid the pain and panic as your drown, hurt and alone in the dark water etc...) and her family's emotional distress (never get to walk their daughter down the isle, never get to play with their grand child etc.) as well as a potential of punitive damages capped at 500K.

    In short a solid 7 figure case but not likely 8. I would not want to try to blame that girl too much for drinking herself. In the civil suit, a prior drinking incident re the boy likely comes in the case.
    Even without the blood test, there would be testimony about how intoxicated the boy seemed. That would be enough, particularly in the civil context where the proof std is preponderance, though notably 12 jurors sit on a civil trial in SC and their verdict must be unanimous. The civil case would have also been made much stronger if there had been a criminal conviction. That is obviously not going to happen.

    The lawsuit was filed quite quickly relative to the accident. That probably did not set well with the rich family who would have preferred to work it out. I suspect some money was put on the table
    ("you should talk this 6 figure sum now and move on because if you want more, we will fight you tooth and nail and it will be years before you see a dime even if you win"), that offer was deemed insufficient and the rest is history re the civil litigation. It also sounds like the rich family tried to get some more insurance coverage in play and that was being litigated by the insurance company in federal court.

    It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.
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    I never weep when "established community families", who have dominated local politics and the good ole boy network die. Whether by mysterious circumstance or by bullet to the head. Eventually, the peons have enough of your bullshit and find ways of extracting their own pound of flesh.

    Having seen it play out over the years - I always find it amusing to watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratch View Post
    Vaguely reminded me of this song
    Which reminds me of a cousin of mine.
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    Another crazy disappearance/murder story . I'm not sure if they were ever able to find a link between the ambush of the deputy and the Crystal Rogers disappearance and the murder of Tommy Ballard, but it's a bizarre story.

    There's a mini series about it on Discovery Plus if anyone is interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratch View Post
    Vaguely reminded me of this song

    Liked that song the first time I heard it. Still like it.

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