FPF Training's popular Shotgun Skills class is back on Sept. 25!

Shotgun skills is designed to take someone who is already competent with a defensive shotgun and give them the instruction, coaching, and repetition to help them achieve true proficiency with the most powerful defensive weapon available. Shotgun Skills is a fast-paced, high round count class designed to teach recoil mitigation, reliable and efficient manipulations, engaging multiple targets with speed and accuracy, use of the shotgun in close quarters, and most importantly: Accountability in the defensive use of the shotgun.


Skills is a coaching intensive class where every client gets individualized attention and coaching to help them improve performance...but always with a solid defensive focus. We work on refinements to skills and introduce new concepts that are only possible with the enhanced skillsets. It's designed to be a fast paced class with a lot of reps...and those reps will be done with coaching and feedback happening continuously.