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Thread: Current Quality Firearms Instructors - Give me your list!

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    Another way to approach this is to consider the goal of the training. It used to be that pistol coaching consisted of only sight alignment, trigger control, and proper breathing. Once those three elements were firmly in hand there was no reason to return after lunch. The student was cast loose. That's no longer the case. We now live in a period of abundance. There are capable people eager to teach their specialty to anybody capable of following the necessary safety rules. We should, I think, take as much advantage of the present situation as we can.

    For example:
    There is certainly overlap between police and military shooting, but they are not identical skill sets. There are nuances in copping (surviving in the court) that soldiering (surviving the gunfight) finds unnecessary. The education of a rookie cop is and should be much different than a young man fresh out of advanced infantry training. It might be well to at least consider the approach a trainer historically employs before making a final decision. If you think it's possible you might be criminally charged and / or civilly sued following a shooting, an instructor that begins every sentence with "This is how we did it in Fallujah . . . " might not be the best choice.

    You might, if you wish, spend some time reading the very helpful AAR forum.

    Thank you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    Two excellent instructors who’ve been around a long time are Scott Reitz of ITTS and Paul Howe of CSAT. However neither travels anymore so you have to go to them (Los Angeles CA and Nacogdoches TX respectively.

    Scott is known for shotgun and was doing vehicle tactics long before anyone called it VCQB. He also teaches pistol and precision rifle. Paul Howe is best known for tactics and rifle/carbine and also does pistol.
    Indeed. I was remiss in failing to mention Paul Howe. Took my first carbine class at his place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Pepperoni View Post
    Why Gabe White isn't at the top of this list is beyond me... @Mr_White

    Indeed, I have trained with a ton of people and Gabe really stands out as having one of the best run classes I have ever been to. That being said I think Pressburg will be next for me.

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    Has Kelly Venden retired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendell View Post
    Has Kelly Venden retired?
    Not “retired” but he’s in Europe for a few years on a GOV / MIL training contract so no open enrollment.

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    Mas Ayoob Legal stuff and entry level shooting skills
    Aaron Cowan Pistol RDS and Force on force
    John Defrense Rifle and force on force

    Steve Fisher ...for everything I guess
    I do have a soft spot for Steve, I took his shotgun and then his 2 day pistol class over one long weekend. His teaching methods lead to a lot of my "Aha!" moments.
    It's been 4-5 years now. I still go back to my notes from that class when I have an issue with something, because he probably already told me how to fix it on my own.

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    John Johnston, Melody Lauer, and Chris Cypert of Citizens Defense Research.

    Tim Herron.

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    Hmmmm, if only there was a website for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David S. View Post
    Hmmmm, if only there was a website for this.
    *Gasp* Thanks!

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    It's not exhaustive, but it's a good start. There are dozens of other solid instructors that I'm working to get them added. I just need their thumbs up.

    Paul Howe, Larry Mudgett, Bill Blowers, Centrifuge Training, Super Dave Harrington and Chuck Pressburg are a few examples of guys not listed that I hope to train with in the future.

    I really like John Murphy's (FPF Training) coursework for a broad survey of personal defense, including the shooting. IMO, it's the "if you could only take one class" class.

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