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Thread: Gear for Rifle Class

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    Gear for Rifle Class

    Iíve never really shot rifles much. Iíd love to learn more about the AR and rifle marksmanship. In that vein, Iím looking for local classes to take in my area.

    My question is though how do folks carry spare magazines in an AR class that is relevant to just an everyday regular dudes life?

    I donít think I want some battle belt or chest harness/plate carrier. Donít get me wrong. I donít mind anyone owning and using this stuff for whatever reason. I just realize any actual use my rifle might ever have is more discrete in nature.

    Do they make magazine pouches for ARs that fit on a regular belt? Or, do I embrace something more tacticool looking for the pure sake of function.

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    every rifle class I've been to, required a handgun for transition drills. I wore a double belt with:
    1 non-retention OWB gun holster at 4 o'clock
    2. 1 pistol and 1 AR mag pouch
    3. small dump pouch
    4. TQ + quickclot

    with a rain jacket, the belt and everything on it disappears.

    If the class is just for rifles and you don't care about having your own medical on your belt, I would just store my spare mag in the back pocket of my jeans.

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    Esstac KYWIs paired with


    That being said, depending on what you're trying to learn, it doesn't hurt to have a war belt, belt kit, or chest rig, simply to allow yourself to pay attention more to your shooting mechanics, and less with having to fuss with logistics on the line. Hell, you could just stuff mags into pant pockets or possibly upgrade some of your mags with Crye MagClips for full grey man LARPing, if you really wanted to, but if you are really at a beginner level, I don't see the point of overloading your brain.

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    Having taken a similar basic carbine class, I recommend at least a good rifle mag pouch on your belt. I did fine in my class with that and my pockets, but that could still be stretching it if breaks are less frequent or your bag is farther away.

    Iíd also argue that a low profile rifle mag pouch isnít irrelevant for us civvies. I can hide an OWB rifle mag and pistol mag in addition to my AIWB pistol and two spare mags easily under a slightly bulky sweater or an unbuttoned shirt (T-shirt underneath it concealing the AIWB gear). Iíd say the ability to carry that or a similar loadout, concealed, is admittedly unlikely to be used but also not totally worthless.

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    Arctryx knee caps if you are gonna do anything beyond standing. Best knee pads available. Yes they are worth the asking price.

    Each instructor usually has a equipment list. They let you know how many mags you should have. Pockets actually work well enough if itís not too demanding of a class.
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    I like the kydex AR pouches that Safariland makes. I use tek loks for mounting them to my belt. Regarding a chest rig, I understand your position (I'm in the same boat) but consider the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed M4 rig. It is very low-profile a but serves nicely to replenish your belt pouch. Doesn't break the bank either! I waited way too long to go to my first rifle course. You'll be glad you went.

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    I've worn a chest rig for a class and just kydex belt mounted mag pouches for another. I'd reach out to whoever is conducting the class and ask their recommendations. We can then suggest appropriate gear to meet that recommendation.

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    Great info. Thank you all!

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    Much wisdom here.

    I think you'd be OK with a 1.75" rigger's belt, 1-2 rifle mag carriers, 1-2 pistol mag carriers, a pistol holster, and a drop pouch for empty mags. If you remove the drop pouch, that rig will conceal most of the stuff you need to keep a rifle rocking in real life.

    Of course, the instructor's input trumps anything that I've said.

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    You mentioned rifle marksmanship early in the post. Marksmanship obviously means different things to different people, but to learn traditional rifle marksmanship I can't recommend Project Appleseed highly enough. It is not an urban carbine-type class, and I'm not denigrating the urban carbine concept in the least, but ordinarily you're getting really different stuff there than marksmanship. Appleseed is everywhere, it's inexpensive, and you can shoot it with a 22 if you like. The fundamentals are the same, regardless of which rifle you use.

    If you want to learn the AR specifically, you can use that at Appleseed, or you can go to a standard Appleseed with the 22 and then find a KD (known distance) Appleseed to run your centerfire, or whatever.
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