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Thread: Gear for Rifle Class

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    I've not been to a rifle class, and when I was in the service used the issued stuff. I once had a plate carrier. I no longer do.

    My plan should I need to use my rifle is a back pocket, and a Lowes apron cross body. Eventually I'd like to do some classes and an RDR gear chest rig would probably be my choice for that.

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    I'd say the Blade-tech kydex magazine pouch with Tek-Lok is my starting point to just add an AR15 mag to the belt. I've also used the RCS Copia. But I like the fact that you can just mount a HSGI polymer Taco to a Tek-Lok now - lots of versatility there. My son uses the HSGI pouch on a Tek-Lok to retain M&P 15-22 magazines.
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